Kamala Harris in trouble for copycatting Michael Avenatti fundraising scheme

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Uh-oh… The 2018 midterms are over, the 2020 presidential cycle has begun, Sen. Kamala Harris will almost certainly run and– boom!– Ryan Grim at The Intercept spots her copycatting Michael Avenatti’s dubious fundraising ploys to bring in cash for her own political committee.

Check out the photos, via Ryan’s Twitter feed. Here’s Kamala’s email:

And here’s what the email directs to: Help Stacey Abrams by giving me your cash!

Ryan’s followers, who are mostly hardcore progressives like the ones Kamala needs to win over to, um, win, seem none too happy about this.

Some choice quotes:

Call her out. She’s being sleazy & has done nothing in 2 years but write platitude twitter posts every day – as if “problems” she complains about is someone else’s job to fix. F*** these people thinking they can do nothing, have no record of accomplishment & run for prez.”

Seems like a grift on Harris’ part.

Whats the conflict? It’s fraud. If you’re gonna blatantly lie while asking me for money you’re gonna lie to me about the policies you implement behind closed doors. Guaranteed.

I fell for it too. I thought it was my mistake somehow. So then I went to Stacey’s site and donated again. Not cool Kamala.

I fell for it, too! I support Sen Harris, but I intended my ten to go to Abrams. Not cool!

Hope she doesn’t get near the President or VP slot in 2020 … Klobuchar is the best of the female Dem candidates, maybe the best candidate period.”

I like Sen. Harris a lot but I’m not conflicted. This is flat out *wrong*. If your plea is “Donate to Abrams” my money should go there. You don’t take half off the top. Nope.

As @indiemusicfan9 notes, this “is especially weird, because her digital consultants have been critical of these hidden splits in the past!

Credit for the hottest takes go to:

@RedskinsFanSJ: “Can someone please cancel 2020?”

@AppleKuchen: “I am NOT conflicted. is a douchebag. She screwed the homeowners. She refused to be a prosector when she WAS a prosecutor. She needs to flame.”

Tsk, tsk, Kamala… it seems 2020 is already well underway.

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