Anti-Nunes ad looks right on the money following Lizza scoop

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Have you read Ryan Lizza’s big scoop about Rep. Devin Nunes, his family and their farm in Esquire yet?

If not, you probably should. The story is getting a lot of play in national and California media, and it ties right in with this attack ad being run by the Swamp Accountability Project in Nunes’ district: “Not Who He Says.”

The ad hasn’t received a lot of attention in the media.

But its entire point is that Nunes is totally disconnected from the Central Valley: He’s gone MIA on water issues, he was dead silent on family separations, he isn’t doing anything about tariffs hurting farmers in the Central Valley, while the Farm Bill was dying on a vine, he was busy threatening Jeff Sessions, yada, yada, yada. (There’s also stuff in the ad about Nunes’ winery’s scandal involving the alleged use of a corporate yacht by Nunes’ co-investors to have a cocaine and child prostitutes party, his love of the Boston Celtics, the fact that he doesn’t read documents provided to him by the Department of Justice, and his weird and very freaking expensive obsession with putting a military base on the island his family comes from in Portugal).

That’s the same point that shines through in the Lizza piece: Nunes, and his family, are totally disconnected from the Central Valley… because the family farm has been in Iowa for quite awhile now. (Side note: The Nuneses also have allegedly been employing a slew of undocumented immigrants, just like all those actual Californians who oppose “amnesty,” maybe because if it happened, they’d have to pay their nannies and landscapers lots more money).

Yesterday, Lizza posted the previously disappeared Dairy Star article about the Nunes family’s move to Iowa on his Twitter feed. If you want to know more about the Nuneses move to Steve King country, here it is in all its glory:

Apparently, the Nuneses are having something of a meltdown over all this. Not only did they reportedly stalk Lizza around Iowa when he was out there reporting; they also allegedly threatened a Des Moines Register writer who came calling to ask them for comment about the whole thing.

All of this is going to cause Nunes vastly more heartburn.

The central message a bunch of his constituents are now hearing, from multiple credible sources, is he’s not focused on them or their needs and for a very good reason: It’s all about Iowa, and has been for many years now.

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