YAAAS KWEEEN: Kamala continues to dominate social media among 2020 Dems

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We previously wrote about how Kamala Harris was dominating social media among 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, giving her a potentially huge leg up in the contest.

But today, there’s fresh data showing the true extent of Harris’ clout.

Via CrowdTangle (as reported by Axios):

Instagram interactions:

  1. Harris: 8.3 million
  2. Sanders: 4.6 million
  3. Warren: 2 million

Twitter interactions (combining Senate and personal accounts):

  1. Harris: 14.4 million
  2. Sanders: 8 million
  3. Warren: 4.1 million

On Facebook, Harris doesn’t fare as well– Sanders gets about 10x the interactions with 22.1 million to Harris’ 2.4 million and Warren’s 2.3 million.

Still, per analytics firm NewsWhip, articles about Harris have earned “16.5 million interactions on Facebook and from shares on influential Twitter accounts.”

Warren comes in second with 14.2 million and Sanders third with 10.6 million.

And Harris has added more fans on Facebook according to CrowdTangle in the last quarter than any other 2020 prospect (123,000; Beto O’Rourke is next with 51,000). Ditto Instagram (613,000; Beto and Warren each picked up about 200,000 newbies). Ditto Twitter, where she’s got 420,000 new followers (again, Beto is next with 245,000).

Harris is also killing it on Google, too. She’s the subject of twice as many searches as Warren and Sanders, per Google Trends.

Read the full Axios post for all the deets, but here’s the infographic that should say it all:


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