It’s April, but “Clean Air Madness” has made its way to the CA Capitol

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March Madness and NCAA brackets may be done and dusted.

But a clean air advocacy group is keeping brackets–and pollution–on the minds of California legislators by delivering these “Clean Air Madness” bracketology posters to each and every legislative office in Sacramento.

As spotted Friday in Sacramento, live and in person:

The issue, according to the website listed on the bottom of the poster: “California spends billions each year on air quality and climate change, yet none of our state’s Air Quality Districts meet the minimal federal clean air standards.”

The underlying message: The California Air Resources Board has become all about climate change, and has lost its focus on clean air as judged by three standards: Worst year-round particulate pollution, worst short-term particulate pollution and worst ozone.

The coalition delivering the posters is backing clean trucks and clean fuels legislation, in the form of SB 216, AB 1115 and AB 1406.

SB 216 may be the hot legislation because of its focus on helping trucking companies transition from conventional fuel trucks to clean-fuel trucks– something that could have a big impact not just on carbon but also on smog. According to the American Lung Association, eight of the ten most ozone-polluted cities in America are in California.

Dirt Digger suspects CARB is not exactly focused on that objective, even if anyone who has ever driven through LA would likely consider it a top priority. But perhaps some CARB staffers are already missing their basketball brackets and will home in on the message thanks to the posters? Stay tuned.

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