How “Oakland tough” is Kamala Harris? This much, you gigantic wuss.

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U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris is determined not to let fellow Democratic presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren have the limelight all to herself this week.

Warren may have been stumping in Iowa.

But Harris is putting out a book. And it’s already got people including CNN’s Maeve Reston, formerly of the LA Times, talking about it.

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris: Ready and willing to beat the shit out of bank executives and anyone else who wants a piece of her.

A major focus of the book, apparently, is making sure everyone knows exactly how “Oakland tough” Harris is on a scale of one to ten. A scale on which she wants you to know, she comes in at about a fifteen.

“I took off my earrings (the Oakland in me) and picked up the receiver…He yelled… I gave it right back…We were like dogs in a fight.” — Kamala Harris, in her  new book

That’s the quote from Harris’ book tweeted by Reston, apparently as the result of a guy on Twitter with 15 followers trying to depict Reston as engaging in racist “dog-whistling” in her commentary on Harris.

As fellow CNN’er Abby Philip put it, “no dog whistles there.”

After last year’s Brett Kavanaugh hearings, you can totally imagine Harris doing just this, yes?

Snap, snap, back on the phone to kick one of the biggest names on Wall Street’s butt.

Warren may be burning time complaining about how the “unlikable” charge being hurled at her is sexist, but Harris appears to have decided that she gives exactly zero fucks about the “likability” discussion, and is bypassing it altogether. Looks like Harris is going for voters who just want someone extremely tough to take on Trump– and for the jugular.

In this political environment, that seems extremely smart. Warren might get some fiercer competition on her own side than what she’s banked on (pun fully intended).

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