Chris Matthews: He’s the MSNBC “Hardball” host who induces groans from tons of progressives for his perceived outdated and outmoded version of left-of-center politics and filibustering of progressive favorites who appear on his show. Last night, Matthews was interviewing Sen. Kamala Harris and engaged in a little Matthews-standard long-windedness, on-the-fly-punditry and gaffery. “I guess the question is once he’s testified before Mr. Mueller’s special counsel investigation, how can he now say I won’t make the same testimony in public claiming executive privilege. I think it is sort of like virginity, kinda… Once you start talking about a matter in your jurisdiction and then you say, ‘oh, I’m not doing it anymore.’ You can’t do it once you’ve started talking. I understand that’s how executive privilege works. Once you have given it up, you can’t grab it back. How do you see it?” This was Matthews’ “question” posed to Harris, whose non-verbal…