Rep. Devin Nunes, who normally wins his races with 70 percent of the vote but ended up squeaking a win with just 52.7 percent in 2018, has reportedly been telling conservatives in Washington, DC, and around the country that the reason his Democratic opponent got within six points of him wasn’t his bevy of ethics problems, him hitching his wagon to Donald Trump, his total non-focus on local issues, or his family’s exposed move years back to Iowa. In fact, according to Nunes, his 2018 close run was all down to “ballot harvesting.” Devin Nunes tries hard to think of any plausible excuse beyond mere suckage for his bad 2018 midterm performance. Ballot harvesting is a practice by which third parties collect paper votes and then deliver them to election officials (or, if you live in North Carolina’s 9th district, by which said third parties totally do not collect and…