The Yes on 22 stop-making-Uber-drivers-employees campaign appears to be wasting a lot of money on targeting voters in… Boston. From Saturday: For the record, @kombiz’s profile specifically lists his location as Boston, and describes him as a “labor campaigner.” So set aside that he hasn’t lived in California in decades, and lives all the way on the other side of the country, even if he did still live in California, he’d probably be about the least probable “Yes on 22” voter out there anyway. The “Yes on 22” campaign is being run by California ballot initiative powerhouse firm Winner Mandabach, which reportedly refuses to take on ballot propositions it doesn’t think have a decent chance of winning. The campaign has sustained some reputational trouble because of reported activities of conservative consultant Mark Bogetich. You’ve got to wonder whether this one gets over the finish line if they’re engaging in these…