Cal Chamber


As Democrats become more politically-dominant in California, it looks like they’re also making inroads with the Golden State’s business lobby. And it’s not just because the Cal Chamber wants to make nice with the guys in power. It turns out Republicans are pushing bills the Chamber thinks are straight-up giveaways to trial lawyers. The old Cal Chamber building in San Francisco. Because 1215 K Street, Sacramento, isn’t that scenic. Via CAL Matters this AM: Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, a Republican from San Luis Obispo, is pushing Assembly Bill 288 to require social media companies to let users delete information when they close their accounts. The chamber worries the bill would lead to lawsuits. Cunningham: “Frankly, I find it somewhat humorous that the Chamber would waste a designation like this on a bill that would only apply to a few giant social networking companies that continue to prove that they cannot be…